Electrical Tools for Everyone

An electrician is nothing without his tools. Though knowledge and skills are extremely important in the job of an electrician, without tools they would be useless. No repair would ever be possible if an electrician does not have the right tools. Even if electricians should not allow the devices they use to define them, an electrician who knows his tools and can expertly utilize them is an indication of a good electrician.

               There are a lot of electrical tools and they can vary in forms, sizes, shapes, and functions. They can range from expensive and complex ones that require a certain level of expertise to handle, to the less expensive and common items that can be found at people’s home and can be owned by anyone. Although we must be very mindful and cautious when we are dealing with problems involving electricity and should always rethink once we decided to repair an electrical product, having tools readily available would come handy when we encounter simple household electrical issues. There are tools used by expert electricians that you can also use and would be very convenient if you have at home. Here is the list of the common electrical tools that are great to have at home too:

               First, screwdrivers. Most households have different types of screwdrivers and same goes with electricians, they carry with them screwdrivers with varying sizes and forms all the times.

               Second, pliers. Regardless of what pliers you have-whether it is long-nose, needle nose, or lineman pliers- they would come handy in doing some basic household tasks.

               Third, continuity tester. If you suspect that there are possible breaks in your circuits or wires, you can use this tool to check for any damages.

               Forth, multi-meter. Using this item needs some practice but once you get the hang of using it, it is actually a simple tool. This is used for testing voltage and continuity.

               Fifth, voltage tester. This item’s function is exactly as what its name suggests, it monitors voltage. This is used in checking whether the wires are hot.

               Sixth, wire strippers. Wires are wrapped in plastic or rubber coverings to protect you from the electricity that runs through them. A wire stripper is considered an essential tool for professional electricians and can come in handy when you need to remove the protective coating of an electric wire to repair or replace it.          

Seventh, circuit tester. This tool is usually plugged to an electrical outlet to check if it’s wired or grounded appropriately.

               Eight, soldering iron. This item melts hot solders and is applied to fix broken circuits and wires.

               Electrical tools make life an electrician easier and more convenient, allowing them to efficiently and safely troubleshoot electrical issues. However, these tools should not be exclusive for electricians alone because common individuals who have a simple electrical problem at home can also make use of these tools.